Aerospace Testing Facilities in India

Technical Details

Technical Details


ATFI project website using Linux Centos platform and the database runs on MySQL with web application on Apache Server. It provides storage for bitstreams, with a total capacity of about 1024GB with extandable storage. Backups are stored on disk, on site server with different formats like .SQL .XLS and .DOC.


The architecture of ATFI project web portal is in five layers.Each layer has its own significant role in the functioning and is depending on other and collectively functions in retrieving the results of ATFI. The main functionally of database layer is to manage records and full text contents.System uses the relational database management system (RDBMS) with MySQL to store data. The functionality of system backup and contribution of contents by the users also comes under the preview of this layer.Network layer in the system perpetually connects the users and source institutions. Presentation layer facilitates display of the retrieved results in clusters. The results can be filtered further using the session filtering. Business layer combines a number of operations of the system. This layer helps to perform several operations and facilitates the users to get the latest news, video tutorial, FAQ for online help. Safe communication layer ensures the safety of data exchange among the communicative system. This layer is an industry standard to safely communicate and safely exchange information among server and client architecture.


ATFI Web portal architecture includes various functionalities such as: (i) User Registration (Join), (ii) Aerospace Testing Facility Submission (Contribute), (iii) User Approval Process, and (iv) Editing testing facilities, and (v) rejection of testing facilities (Delete).