Aerospace Testing Facilities in India

Aims of the Project

The primary aim of the project is to create a web-based database on Aerospace Testing facilities across various Research and Development organizations and by premier academic, research institutions, private institutions engaged in teaching and research in Aerospace.
This research project will be hosted as an online / web-based catalogue of Aerospace Testing facilities to provide narrative information describing each of the Aerospace Testing facility with:

Location / Infrastructure based Photographs;
Capabilities / Capacities;
Unique Characteristics ;
Current and Future Programs ;
  Contact details of Key Persons / Facilities.

Project Usage 

The usage of web-based database may be classified as:

 Passive Usage that involves simple acquisition of information for the purpose of acquiring expert knowledge.

  Active Usage for providing photographs and other relevant material to assist in research work, educational or other related activities.
Institutional Profile 

 The institutional profile is the by-product of this research project and it may be used as the mailing list.

Major Specific Objective 

  To allow searching with particular emphasis on the common web portal for all resources in the field of Aerospace Testing facilities among the institutions covered under the geographical area.

Scope of the Project

This project may provide a web- based database on Aerospace Testing facilities from which an assessment can be made for research, development and testing of future Aerospace vehicles. This unique directory can be updated on regular basis. The scope of the project includes the following:
To build a profile of R & D Organizations and Institutions of national importance including private institutions with primary focus on the Testing facilities in Aerospace. The area covered in this context is Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Thiruvanthapuram, Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, Kharagpur and other relevant places in India.
To undertake survey of Aerospace Testing facilities from the identified in the said organizational base, using appropriate method of data collection.

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