Aerospace Testing Facilities in India

Aerospace Testing Facilities available in India

  Title of the Aerospace Test
Pass-off Test for Aero Gas Turbine Combustor
  Name of the Organisation
  Name of theLab
Gas Turbine Research Establishment - GTRE
  Place of the Lab
  Category of Aerospace Test Aerodynamic Test
  Sub-category of Aerospace Test NA
  Year of Establisment 1985
  Test Applications
Ignition Test (above atmosphere pressure only)
Iso-Thermal Test for Pressure Loss Measurement
Non-uniformity temperature measurement
  Test Special Features
Combustor can be tested up to  - 500 kPa inlet air pressure ,	pre-heat air temperature up to 550 K , air mass flow rate up to 15 kg/s.
Combustor can be tested with Aviation Turbine Fuel and Diesel Fuel.
The test facility is instrumented for 192 air pressure measurement, 192 air temperature measurement (K-type, N-Type and R-Type), 32 channel RTD measurement
Reference Air Mass Flow measurement (Orifice Type) 
Underground ATF Fuel Storage 5000 Litters.
  Other Test Information
Electronic Pressure Scanner System
Online Exhaust Gas Analyser System (UHC, CO2, CO, NOX, O2 species)
Data Acquisition System
ATF Fuel Pump
  Contact Person / Institution
The Director
Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE)
Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
Ministry of Defence
PO Box 9302, CV Raman Nagar 
Bangalore-560 093
E-mail :
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