Aerospace Testing Facilities in India

Aerospace Testing Facilities available in India

  Title of the Aerospace Test
Supersonic Wind Tunnel
  Name of the Organisation
  Name of theLab
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre - VSSC
  Place of the Lab
  Category of Aerospace Test Wind Tunnel Testing
  Sub-category of Aerospace Test Supersonic Wind Tunnels
  Year of Establisment 2005
  Test Applications
Aerospace and R & D
Type of tests performed:
Steady force & moment measurements
Steady and Unsteady pressure measurement
Schlieren flow visualization
  Test Special Features
 Test Section size and shape: 0.3 m x 0.3m (square) 
Mach number range: 1.5 to 4.0
Reynolds number range (per m): 20 to 70 million
Free stream turbulence level (if low speed tunnel) : <0.1%
Pressure fluctuation level (if high speed, % CPrms) :< 0.2% 
Test control parameters:
Ranges of pitch (angle of attack range):- 100 to 150
(continuous, Pitch & pause mode) and maximum up to 300 using bent sting
Typical test duration :20 seconds
 Stagnation pressure & Temperature range : 0.2 to 2.0 MP
  Other Test Information
Type of tunnel:
High speed, intermittent blow down type & Horizontal

Steady & unsteady pressure transducers
16 ports digital sensor array
48 ports scanivalve
Strain gauge type force balance & Schlieren system
Data Acquisition System
PXI based 24 channels DAS (full programmable)
SCXI signal conditioning modules with 16 bit ADC
PXI based 8 channels high speed DAS
  Contact Person / Institution
P&PR Unit, ISRO Headquarters,
Antariksh Bhavan, New BEL Road,
Bangalore-560 231
Phone No : +91-80 23415275 or 22172296
Fax No : +91-80 23511984
E Mail:
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