Aerospace Testing Facilities in India

Aerospace Testing Facilities available in India

  Title of the Aerospace Test
Low Speed Wind Tunnel
  Name of the Organisation
  Name of theLab
Jaypee Wind Engineering Application Centre - JWEAC
  Place of the Lab
  Category of Aerospace Test Wind Tunnel Testing
  Sub-category of Aerospace Test Subsonic Wind Tunnel
  Year of Establisment 2013
  Test Applications
Non- aerospace and primarily for Civil Engineering applications Industrial and Research & Development.
  Test Special Features
 Test Section size and shape: 3.5 m X 3.0 m X 22.0 m – Rectangular
Speed range: 0.5 m/s to 40 m/s
Reynolds number range (per m): 3.3 x 104 to 2.67 x106
Expected free stream turbulence:
Typically around 10% at a height of about 90 cm under
simulated open terrain condition.
Terrain Simulation:
Simulation of atmospheric boundary layer including profile
of mean velocity, turbulence intensity and spectrum of
horizontal wind speed.
Special features of the tunnel:
Twin- turn table facility
  Other Test Information
Type of tunnel:  Closed circuit, low speed, boundary layer wind tunnel 
 Hot-wire anemometry system: (normal and XY – wire probe)
 Multi-channel high scan dynamic pressure system (512 channels; 2 Initiums; Scanners with DTC)
Standered Pitot tube
 Six -component base balance
Strain gauges and accelerometers
Special instruments for control of turn-table position;
traverse system and fan speed.
Data acquisition system/software:
Labview, Matlab; PSI pressure measurement systems; In house development GUI software
  Contact Person / Institution
The Director
Jaypee University of Engineering & Technology
A-B Road, Raghogarh, Distt. - Guna (M.P.) - 473226
Contact No.: +91- 07544-267051, 267310-314
Fax No.: +91- 07544-267011
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