Aerospace Testing Facilities in India

Aerospace Testing Facilities available in India

  Title of the Aerospace Test
Transonic Cascade High Speed Wind Tunnel Test
  Name of the Organisation
  Name of theLab
National Aerospace Laboratories - NAL
  Place of the Lab
  Category of Aerospace Test Wind Tunnel Testing
  Sub-category of Aerospace Test NA
  Year of Establisment NA
  Test Applications
Aerodynamic performance studies on gas turbine and 
compressor aerofoils.

The Transonic Cascade Tunnel is a high speed wind tunnel equipped to test linear cascade models of compressor and turbine airfoils for aerodynamic performance. 

The TCT can also cater for quasi 3D studies with coolant flows, end wall secondary flows, inlet boundary layers, inlet turbulence etc.
  Test Special Features
Type - Intermittent blowdown
Blade chord - 40 to 80 mm
Massflow - 5 to 15 kg/s
Outlet Mach number - Up to 1.5 (Turbine)
Inlet Mach number - Up to 0.85 (Compressor)
Reynolds number - 0.1 to 2.5 Millions
  Other Test Information
Propulsion Division - PD   
  Contact Person / Institution
The Director
National Aerospace Laboratories,  Kodihalli 
Bangalore - 560 017 
Contact No.: +91- 080-25086001
Fax No.: +91- 080-25269611
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