Aerospace Testing Facilities in India

Aerospace Testing Facilities available in India

  Title of the Aerospace Test
Facilities For Composite Fabrication Till Testing
  Name of the Organisation
  Name of theLab
National Aerospace Laboratories - NAL
  Place of the Lab
  Category of Aerospace Test Structural and Fatigue Testing
  Sub-category of Aerospace Test NA
  Year of Establisment 1990-2000
  Test Applications
Prepreg cutting, prepreg stitching, component curing, material cutting and composite coupon testing.  
  Test Special Features
Test control parameters varies with part to part and instrumentation in semi automated mode. 
  Other Test Information
Equipment for Composite Fabrication.
Composite materials have been gaining important industrial and commercial applications world widely and they were developed because they can offer unique properties (lightweight, high strength and stiffness, chemical and corrosion resistance, tailoriable electrical and thermal properties, etc.) which no single homogeneous structural material could be found that had all the desired attributes for a given application. However, due to its composition complexity of a composite material, its final properties are not only depending on the properties of component materials (matrices, reinforcements, fillers and additives) used, but also significantly on the way it was fabricated as well as equipments, technologies and people skills.	 
Advanced Composites Division -ACD
  Contact Person / Institution
The Director 
National Aerospace Laboratories,  Kodihalli 
Bangalore - 560 017 
Contact No.: +91- 080-25086001
Fax No.: +91- 080-25269611
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